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The active substance present in all bleaching products is hydrogen peroxide. This substance penetrates the tooth enamel without the attack, as evidenced by a study by the University of Louvain.

Hydrogen peroxide eliminates the duties due to smoking, coffee, red wine or simply age.

Tanbright is the result of extensive scientific studies at the molecular level that have identified all the components involved in laundering effectively. Hydrogen Peroxide is the active substance present in all bleaching products. This substance enters the tooth enamel without damages, as shown by a study of Louvain’s University. Hydrogen peroxide also eliminates tobacco, wine, coffee and age marks.

The two most frequently asked questions

Question 1: Is teeth’s bleaching dangerous ?

  • Answer : Some recent questions realized at the University of Louvain prove that teeth’s bleaching represents no risk for the tooth enamel if the teeth are in good conditions. Tanbright allows determining an exact quantity of product regarding to legal norms. The unique strip Tanbright that contains the substance avoids all overdosing.

Question 2 : Can everyone have a teeth’s bleaching ?

  • Anwser : no, not everyone can have a teeth’s bleaching. People who have taken certain pills during their adolescence like Tetracycline can’t have a teeth’s bleaching. Treatment has not much result in case of marks due to decalcification consequent of excessive consumption of fluoride.
  Kit   80 €
  Refill   35 €
  Pose of varnish   15 €
  1 session   12 €
  5 sessions   55 €
  10 sessions (glasses free)   100 €
  Glasses   5 €

Prices can be modified without prior notification.

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