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Body lipomassage

to re-sculpt, to tone, to smooth your body

Even if you have a good alimentation and do sport, your body can keep some overload areas. Body lipomassage rapidly and efficiently acts on theses overload areas without surgery and injection. Your body is re sculpted, your skin is toned, the appearance of the cellulite is improved and your skin is smooth out.

The body lipomassage is a completely natural system; you will feel no pain, just a relaxing sensation of massage. From 6 sessions of 35 minutes, you will see results on your shape, on your skin and most of all you lose where you want to.


Face liftmassage

to tone, to fill in, to clarify your face

A unique anti-aging mechanical collagen activator, 100% natural, rapid effects … from the 1rst session.

In the domains of the natural anti age, live healthily is essential deviant : regarding anti-aging, a healthily life is essential. But, even if a good food distribution, a regular moisturizing and a good sun protection are essential, your skin will sure enough get old. The liftmassage have the capacity to tone, clarify and refill your skin without injections or pain.

lipomodelage du visage


  1 session   54 €
  6 sessions   300 €
  12 sessions   550 €
  18 sessions   790 €
  The pant   15 €

Body localized actions for men

  10 sessions   450 €


  1 session   60 €
  5 sessions   270 €
  10 sessions   540 €

Prices can be modified without prior notification.

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