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For a beauty moment, let’s get tempted by an anti-aging skin care, a restoring care or Ingrid Millet’s Thalassocaviar cares, Biostructure cares and Aromasentive cares. What about a micropeeling? You will come out completely relaxed after an adapted facial treatment.

  Thalassocaviar, youth effect   86 €
  Thalassocaviar, sculpting effect   76 €
  Biostructure, youth effect   69 €
  Biostructure, lifting effect   60 €
  Aromasensitive, anti-aging effect   54 €
  Aromasensitive, calming and hydrating effect   52 €
  Aromasensitive, equilibrate effect   50 €
  Micropeeling LCN   60 €

Prices can be modified without prior notification.

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